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New Student Joins Lab

Leyton Becker, a current undergraduate student, has joined the Mycolab! He will start veterinary school at the University of Minnesota this fall, 2020. See more information in his bio under the Mycolab team tab.

Sampling Techniques for Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae

Click here to find videos on sampling techniques!

New Student Joins Lab

We are happy to welcome Albert Canturri to the Mycolab! He will pursue a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Maria Pieters. See more about Albert in his bio under the Mycolab team tab!

UMN Swine News

Visit this link to find current news about the swine medicine group at the University of Minnesota!

Pig Health Today

Dr. Alyssa Betlach featured in Pig Health Today! Click here to see the video in which she provides the latest update regarding testing methods for M. hyopneumoniae.

Is today's Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae surveillance good enough?

Read this article to find out what Dr. Betlach and Pieters had to say about this topic!